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Location: Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia


The price we paid: Contra for content production


First Impressions:


From the booking process, the owner Pamela was extremely caring and lovely. It just felt like we were visiting a long lost family member that we haven’t seen in a while. The moment we arrived, the lead manager, Made, greeted us straight away with the warmest smile and asked us our names one by one, and then introduced the rest of the crew to us. The whole approach really made us feel welcomed and at home.




The moment we walked in, I could smell the serenity and peacefulness. It’s a picture-perfect view for when you want to be nowhere, but still wrapped in a luxurious and romantic feel from both nature and Bali.

If you want a closer taste of a true jungle, you kinda have to get used to the sound of nature in the morning, such as from the animals in the jungle


The Rooms & Facilities



Villa Sungai Gold has a romantic touch and feeling to each room. The amount of space is incredible and included a large wardrobe area in each room.

Villa Sungai Platinum is more suitable for larger family groups and has a more mystical feel to it. The number of soft lights makes the whole place whimsical.



Each room in both Sungai Gold and Sungai Platinum has its own ensuite bathroom and outdoor shower/bathtub.

I fell in love with the master bedroom’s ensuite bathroom in Sungai Gold, it’s just so mysterious; sprinkle some flower petals, wine and romantic music and you’ll be on another journey of tranquillity.


Common Areas

Both of the pools in the Villas have a beautiful view.

The dining area of Villa Sungai Gold is my personal favourite as you can see the whole jungle while you dine.

But it won’t be enough space if you have children or if you want to have a special gamelan performance during one of your nights’ stays.

On our last night, the crew was incredibly sweet to give us a taste of a romantic dinner with candlelights and a beautiful set of decor flowers in Villa Sungai Platinum, along with a gamelan performance before we dined.


The Service


The staff are the key to this place. Their beautiful hearts made this place the warmest place you will ever visit. They will accommodate to whatever you want, ensuring that you will have the best time possible. They are very attentive to ensure the ambient music is on during the perfect time of the day.


The Food


The naan bread with spicy pumpkin soup we had during our stay, I can’t say more about how delicious this dish is! I would come back here just for this special dish! Breakfast was incredible too and they were very generous in letting us order as much as we want until we were full!


Final thoughts


If you’re looking for a villa that feels like home but has great customer service, I would highly recommend Villa Sungai. The natural alarm from the jungle will wake you up naturally in the early morning.

If you’re into meditation or yoga, this would be the perfect place to wake up to.

Pamela, Made and all the Villa Sungai crew are truly the soul of this place and God Bless them for their kindness!





Angel Cindy




Angel Cindy

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