Birthday Celebration at Song Saa Private Island Cambodia


My friend and I recently spent 10 days exploring Cambodia. To follow last year’s tradition in Samoa, I decided to celebrate this year’s birthday in an over-the-water villa and that is how I discovered this hidden gem in Sihanoukville.


The Song Saa labelled speedboat pick-up is from the Sihanoukville pier where we were served with complimentary cold bottled water and towel. Greeted by the manager and a few staff upon arrival at the Song Saa pier, we were given an overview of the hotel and accompanied to our very own villa. As my friend and I was hoping to stay at a place that gave a calm and relaxing vibe, we were particularly pleased to find that Song Saa also ticked this box with its private villa nestled above the spectacular ocean.


As I entered the villa door, I was immediately mesmerised by the detailed interior décor. It was a real special feeling to know that someone had spent so much time and effort in the architecture. Walking on the deck, I noticed there was so much tropical greenery and surprisingly many Sea Urchins in the water, although I had to be careful not to get too close to them! With my infamous love for the ocean, it was only natural that I ran straight to the private pool area and jumped right in <3



In the villa, there are four options on how you can shower: the bathroom bathtub, indoor shower, outdoor shower, and the pool outdoor shower aka the ocean! With such beautiful views, it was definitely hard to resist the temptation of showering often and I am sure the anticipated excessive water usage is incorporated in the rate.




Having watched so many Instagram clips where people would jump out into the ocean from the villa pool deck, I was overly excited to do the same! Unfortunately, we may have visited Sihanouville in the wrong season because this proved to be a bit challenging with the amount of Sea Urchins around. I could not build up the courage to jump in with the Sea Urchins and settled for my newly beloved private pool area instead – no complaints here!



We celebrated my birthday dinner in the main restaurant and there was really nothing to fault. The ambience was beautiful, the staff were very warm and respectably quiet from other patrons whilst we listened to the ocean sing in the pitch black. The food was quite good, a fresh twist to a traditional Khmer and international cuisine. And because I could not resist the temptation, I devoured the whole mini birthday chocolate cake they had made for me. But let's just say it was my way to show appreciation for their kind gesture!



Overall it was a beautiful resort and the staff were very friendly yet also discreet and attentive. We were able to enjoy our privacy in the common area but don't get me wrong, once our cocktail glasses were empty, the staff were quick to refill them! One thing to highlight is that Song Saa is not an adult only resort despite its private island label. Thankfully during our stay, we only came across families without screaming children - phew!



Unfortunately we did not get the chance to experience the other activities available due to time, and also because I admittedly did not want to leave my villa’s pool. To be able to relax in a private pool with the soothing feeling of the salt water against my skin was definitely a winner. It was truly wonderful.




Would I come back to Song Saa in Cambodia? Definitely yes, as long as I had more money to splurge. Although the accommodation is pricier than other luxury destinations, it is jaw dropping beautiful with the picturesque view of the ocean beneath you. I would definitely recommend Song Saa as the ideal resort for an unforgettable experience!



For more information about Song Saa click here








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