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Hotel Name: Parker Palm Springs

Location: Palm Springs, CA, USA 

Stars: 5

Price range: $$$ (A$300 - $2500)



First Impressions:


Standing out from the rest, Parker Palm Springs is a massive resort-style hotel, that even comes with it's own map. The whole hotel had the concept of a maze and exudes Indiana Jones vibes. The lobby was spectacular and full of character, where you can immediately tell that a lot of work was put into its interior design. Immaculately decorated down to its details, it is noticeably visible that all the furniture down to the knick-knacks are handpicked individually to suit the hotel's theme.


It was our first day in Palm Springs, straight from LA and it was refreshing to be in an environment that felt so private yet still so full of life. The crowd was mainly groups of friends or couples and I did not see any families with young children for our whole stay there.




The Room:



Deluxe King, Garden View



Super spacious. Just like the hotel, the rooms were massive.



The room was beautifully decorated with a huge, plush king bed to top it all off.



Only thing that was pretty disappointing was the bathroom as it looked older and was less intricately decorated in comparison to the rest of the room and the hotel.


Comfort & Privacy

As Parker's complex is very private and spacious, there was no noise leaks into my hotel room.

There were also blackout drapes, perfect for a good night's rest! 


Complimentary Products/Services

Aside from the overall bathroom impression, the Acqua di Parma toiletries that were provided were fabulous, I loved them!

Be prepared to dive into the room service menu because there is no complimentary tea or coffee in the room.


Room Service

Although the room comes with a mini fridge, there was no alcohol in it, which was kind of disappointing initially, until we discovered their extensive room service menu that includes both drinks and great food.



We had the view of one of Parker's gorgeous pools with a backdrop of the famous California hills. The only issue was that a lot of trees were covering it so we didn't have a clear view of it and blocks out the sunrise/sunsets.





  • Two Gorgeous Pools with beautiful cabanas

  • Hill View

  • Restaurant & Bars: Mister Parker's & Norma's

  • One Amazing Spa with a pool




Full Wifi connectivity throughout the resort as well as in-room Wifi. Great phone reception.





The resort's location is pretty secluded, also with it being 2 hours from LA. However, it is only a 6 min drive to Palm Springs International Airport (PSP).


There are not much restaurant options in walking distance but there are great in-house dining options. It's located in proximity of many golf and country clubs, with Seven Lakes Country Club being the nearest (1 min drive!). Wet N Wild is only a 2 min drive away as well.





We drove a car that we rented from LA to the hotel and it took us 2 hours through the highway.


Uber would be okay to get around Palm Springs in, but would be very expensive to go from LA. Might be more budget friendly to fly there as they have an international airport.


You could walk but most people just drive as there's not much traffic.


Public transport is a hassle. Not recommended.





Palm Springs is beautiful and is a picturesque town in the middle of huge hills. Similar to LA, it has a lot of palm trees too. It's like a more laidback version of LA with a lot of golf courses.



Final thoughts:


Service was good throughout but nothing too special. However, overall vibe and decor of the place is absolutely splendid. This hotel is worth the $ due to the level of comfort and tranquility it has. But be aware that advertised price doesn't include meals and tax.


I would recommend anyone to visit for not only great pictures but an overall cleansing and calming experience.








Angel Cindy








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