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It was the Mount Agung chaos period when I stayed at the Montigo Resorts in Seminyak Bali. Despite the extraordinary quietness in Bali that I had never seen before, fortunately my friends and I still had an amazing time in this sister resort of Montigo Batam.


It was 9am on the dot when we received a phone call that our pickup had arrived. Greeted by very polite, well groomed and smiling Montigo staff with fresh cold towels, we began our 30 minute ride to trendy places in the heart of Bali, Seminyak.


Montigo Resorts Seminyak is surrounded by so many popular and iconic places such as Potato Head (literary next door to Montigo!), Kudeta, Mrs. Sippy as well as countless hip restaurants and cafes within walking distance from the resort. You could definitely skip the usual hassle of getting back to your hotel after a fun night out and having one too many drinks!


As we pulled up at the entrance, we were immediately greeted by warm smiles and welcome drinks. We stayed at the Garden Suite which has a private courtyard area and is the perfect fit for 3 guests. As I walked in the room, I was so surprised to find the room filled with beautiful blue balloons and a message on the wall “CONGRATULATION OF 20K FOLLOWERS!”. Completely stunned with excitement and overwhelmed by the very sweet gesture by the resort management, I couldn’t help but jump straight onto the bed and started taking photos! The Marketing Manager then said “there is more...” as she walked in passing the bed to present me with an Instagram cake! Wow! I have never been treated this nicely with such a personal touch by a hotel in my life before, ever! It was so thoughtful of them to have prepared all of this for me and make me feel like one hell of a lucky Instagrammer! Once a thousand photos were taken of the beautiful decorated room, we knew what we needed next, a strong coffee or some cocktails, or perhaps coffee cocktails…


Montigo Resorts Seminyak has a restaurant bar and a pool open to the public. In Tiigo Seminyak you can enjoy the breakfast buffet for only IDR 100.000 and here is the bonus, you don’t even have to be a hotel guest to dine in there. What a way to kick start your day! You can choose to either dine inside with Mediterranean Sea as the beautiful interior decor theme, outside at the bar for the smoking area or even better, by the pool with the floaties! I mean a tropical holiday isn’t complete unless you’re sipping cocktails by the pool, or better in the pool right?!


Bali has a strong reputation for cheap alcohol but since I’m a cocktail type of girl who travels to Bali quite often, finding good non-watery cocktails is not as easy as finding Bintangs. The Long Island Iced Tea from Tiigo was shockingly well made though! Very well priced with a decent mixology and strong enough to get your summer holiday freshened up!


Lunchtime came and to say it was insane is an understatement! The Chef did not hesitate to show off his love for cooking with dishes coming out of the kitchen one after another. Of course, we made sure to jump at the opportunity of capturing a family feast conceptual picture. The food definitely speaks authentic Indonesian with no discount on the spices and if you love chilli, theirs will kick you off right on the gut. After a great feast, Tiigo’s manager invited us to join the cooking class the next day and without hesitation, we enthusiastically nodded our head with great anticipation.


What better way to spend your time after a good lunch and a few cocktails? Taking a nap! Or even better, taking a nap in the ever relaxing Spa. We were escorted to the Montigo Spa by the hotel staff which is conveniently located right in front of our garden room. Blown away by the interior decor of the spa with our senses relaxed by a beautiful aroma of lemongrass, two very polite and welcoming therapists seated us with a warm ginger tea and explained the recommended spa treatment options. We decided to try out the Montigo Spa and my other friend tried the Balinese massage. The treatment started with a foot bath, followed by a one hour full body massage and then a lemongrass and ginger bath to complete the treatment, with of course a glass of champagne, or two.


Rejuvenation done and it was time for more food by the pool and to have some fun in the water. We found out that Montigo actually has three, yes 1, 2, 3 pools in the hotel itself! If the restaurant pool is too busy for you, you can choose the garden pool which has a very relaxing vibe and is quieter for those who love to read books and fall asleep by the pool. Otherwise the large main pool has more than enough room to have a fun splash session or do some serious cardio laps if you have children or if you are travelling with a group of friends.


What caught my attention as we passed the main lobby was Montigo’s kids club so we decided to sneak in for a quick peek. Tiigo Kids Club is massive! There was so much room to keep children entertained with toys and even a private cinema room. I could imagine this being a perfect solution for travelling families where mum and dad may need a bit of us time, such as enjoying the spa or relaxing by the pool while their children have a good time in the kids club. Definitely a win-win situation right there!


The very next day we woke up enthusiastically for the cooking class! After having breakfast in our room, we jumped straight in the car with the Head Chef and made our way to the local market to buy some local ingredients to make authentic Indonesian food such as Babi Guling! I have honestly never had so much fun cooking in my life! Chef Alit has a very warm and inviting personality and you can’t help but just feel happy in his presence, especially with his contagious laughter and smiles. I could really feel his passion for cooking and could see that every meal was cooked from his heart. After few hours of having fun, I mean learning, it was time to finally enjoy the food that we had cooked with a lot of help from the chef. There was absolutely nothing to fault in the food, it was so delicious that we savoured it all especially the Babi Guling and I scrapped every bit of the Sambal Mata!


But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end… As much as we would have loved to stay longer, it was time for us to check out because we had to go to Nusa Penida straight after. The whole experience, especially the sweet surprise they organised for me will never be forgotten and I will always have a soft spot for Montigo Resorts Seminyak and Chef Alit food…


If you want to find out more about Montigo Resorts Seminyak, Click Here



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Dress from SNDYS






Swimwear from So Noire  







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