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Hotel Name: Freehand Hotel 

Location: Downtown Los Angeles , USA 

Stars: ★★★★

Price we paid: Approx $300


First Impressions:


The interior had a very clean and classic take with a lot of wooden details!  What is most impressive is the fact that this hotel is built upon a heritage building and they definitely did an amazing job in maintaining its class and heritage whilst tastefully modernising the interior.  That being said, the lift is very old school and it does take forever to get up to higher floors.


The Room:




Upgraded to corner king suite 


The room is ENORMOUS with an enormous view to match!  The king-sized bed was super roomy which only added to its already comfortable status, plus the room has a corner sofa if that wasn't enough comfort for you already!  In our room we had the pleasure of waking up to a sunrise bathing us in warm light through the window.


The bathroom however was a bit lacklustre and did not live up to the rest of the room at all as it was quite old school compared to the decorations of the rest of the room itself.




  • Rooftop pool 

  • Restaurants

  • Rudolph's Bar & Tea:  Lobby Bar

  • Cafe Integral:  Specialty Coffee Bar

  • Guest Lounge

  • Rooftop Bar

  • Convenient and affordable parking


Final thoughts:


For the price and location, the opportunity to stay in the heritage listed building was definitely worth it.  The uniqueness of the interior design is an experience worth staying for.




Angel Cindy



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