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Ubud has a famous stigma for its peacefulness and quietness. Very different compared to those hip party zones of Bali like Kuta or Seminyak.


When I researched latest events in Ubud, I came across Folk in Ubud and was quite impressed by their pool & garden restaurant bar which is a rare type of venue in this Zen part of Bali. Folk Ubud is part of Bisma Eight Hotel, a luxury hotel with beyond amazing views and very well decorated interior design that gives both a modern yet woody classic vibe with a touch of Balinese. This straight away raised my expectations of the standard for this place.


Located on Ubud’s most popular street is Jalan Monkey forest and as we entered a small laneway, we were greeted by a beautiful enchanted garden with fairy lights and a tranquil pastel blue pool. Immediately filled with a sense of calmness by the ambience of the place, we were then seated to our VIP chic Indiana Jones style day beds with a direct entrance to the pool. The music on play was a perfect balance between upbeat and chill-out, definitely a mix that will help you enter a placid mode. Looking around, most guests were lazing around in a euphoric blissful state! A very different atmosphere compared to other pool bars in Seminyak and Kuta.


When the wait staff brought us the menu, my eyes could not believe the range of options this place had! From cocktails to green healthy juices, the food options were very impressive. It ranged from modern soft shell crab sliders to traditional gado-gado and kueh lapis - no more fighting over what type of cuisine everyone likes to have when travelling in a group.


Let me continue to rant about this place, the price of each item was beyond unbelievably affordable! You would not think an uber chic and well decorated place like this would have a cheaper price point than those typical dingy tourist restaurants in Bali, ahem, I meant Kuta typical restaurants... It just made complete sense why it took so little time for Folk Ubud to become popular in the Ubud area - mind you they had only been open for a few months.


I must admit we did go over the top with the food selections here, I wanted to create a feast type of pictures and challenge their food variety options. We came to the conclusion that their Indonesian food was the one that impressed us the most. You would think that high-end restaurants would alter their traditional food taste to fit the tourist’s palate but thankfully no, they remained committed to the authentic satay sauce taste and even had higher quality meat only to show their advanced plating skills!


Although this was a small taste of Folk Ubud, its mouth watering and palate appetising experience only made me want to visit their eldest hospitality sibling, Bisma Eight Hotel in Ubud.



Angel Cindy


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