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Hotel Name: Beverly Hills Hotel

Location: LA, CA, USA 

Stars: 5

Price we paid: Approx $750 / night



First Impressions:


As our car approached the hotel through the driveway, I could  almost  feel chills  running down my spine. There it  was and  here I  am, in Hollywood's most iconic hotel, The Beverly Hills Hotel.

I loved  how  the hotel  had  a running  red  carpet through  it's central  entry, it  made  it feel not only so luxurious but also so old Hollywood! I felt like Marilyn Monroe going through the steps into the hotel's foyer. The valet area was decorated by intricate Christmas  decor  and  checking-in  was an  extremely  smooth process where  you could  immediately  tell  that  the  hotel's focus is in deed on their service. The  receptionists also provided us with an itinerary for our stay there alongside a complimentary  car  service  to go around town with and i t was a Mercedes S-Class. Way to bring the hotel service wherever you go!


The Room:



Superior Room


The room was very spacious and we were surprised on how large and grand the bath room was! We slept on a very comfortable king bed that was adorned with luxurious linen and pillows.


The interior had a classic old Hollywood charm but it's been well preserved and maintained along the years as i t was immaculately clean. Looked like it was straight out of a movie. The room also comes with a desk if you want to work on-the-go or a couch to lounge in.


Comfort & Privacy
The room felt very private which is rare in the middle of Hollywood. I'd say that i t would be basically sound-proof from the outside world.


Complimentary Products/Services
A lot of 'Beverly Hills Hotel' products were provided complimentary in the room. A complimentary itinerary for your stay there is provided by the reception as well as a luxury car service at your disposal.


Room Service
We were greeted with a bottle of red wine complimentary by the hotel. We didn't order any room service during our stay.


Unfortunately, the room we got didn't have the best view; facing another room and a roof.



- Restaurant: the famous Polo restaurant

- One beautiful and iconic pink bench pool
- 1 Amazing Spa with a pool



Final thoughts:


All in all. I must say the highlight of this hotel would  truly be its service.

The only time it truly dipped was an issue in the pool side area. As I was trying to take a picture of the empty pool, one waitress snapped at me abruptly saying "NO PHOTOS", which left me in utter shock on how she delivered the message.

I believe that she could've said it in a less hasty manner as I honestly was not aware of the rules in  the  hotel  as I literally just arrived there on that day.

When I spoke to the manager about the issue, she was super attentive and understanding of what has happened and apologised to us for making us feel unwelcome. She brought he operation manager to us and offered a 200 voucher in the Polo restaurant to compensate what happened.

I would like to commend her for dealing it in such a professional manner and doing a great touch for an apology gesture.


Would I recommend anyone to stay in this hotel? Absolutely. However, I'd recommend to go there on low season so that not only the price is more affordable, it's also less crowded. Staying in the Beverly Hills Hotel makes yo u feel like you are transported through years of what Hollywood developed from and now has become.

it truly is an unforgettable experience.




Angel Cindy


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