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When we were in Oahu, we went on 3 awesome tours hosted by local tour company, And You Creations. The tours consisted of seeing so much of what Hawaii had to offer, from dolphins to waterfalls to culinary adventures. Read on to see what each tour entails!




The first tour that we embarked on was the Dolphin And You tours, which did I mention is multi award winning? This tour is the perfect blend of traditional and modern. We left the shore on a beautiful boat, chanting traditional Hawaiian prayers for good weather. I reckon the chants worked because we were blessed with amazing weather the whole day, which was optimal for seeing dolphins. Although we didn't see the dolphins in one instant, there were a lot of entertainment on the boat so we never had a boring moment. I was so excited when I saw the dolphins from the boat as it was my very first time having an encounter this close. The best part was the fact that we could jump into the crystal clear waters and swim with the schools of dolphins. Snorkeling alongside the dolphins was so fun! It was a life-changing experience and I am glad I got to share it with And You Creations. Would definitely recommend this tour, wouldn't miss it for the world!





After going on one of the most intense hikes when I was in Vanuatu not long ago, Nature And You's Moana Waterfall hike was just lovely! It was the right dose of adventure that sits at good level where I can still enjoy looking around and take photos here and there. It was a whole different world in there. The tour guide informed us that Moana Waterfall was the setting for Jurassic Park and Lost! No wonder. I cannot stress on how ethereal the views are in there, I don't think the camera can accurately capture the magic it has. It was like you were lost in a lush, tropical rainforest, without being actually lost. I loved this experience!






Island And You tours gives a super comprehensive overview on what Oahu Island has to offer in only a mere day! Through their tour I saw some of Oahu Island's best viewpoints where I took some lovely photos while sinking in the unreal scenes in Diamond Head Crater, Makapu'u Pool, Kualoa Beach Park, Puaena Point and Kukaniloko Birthstone State Monument. In between all that, we indulged in local delicacies dotting the island with Kahuku Shrimp being my ultimate favourite! Shanti, our tour guide on this trip is simply amazing, not only does he provide so much interesting cultural stories and fun facts of all the places we go to, he was so friendly and useful throughout, I'm so glad that he was the one taking us around the island! The circle island tour also had an intimate feel to it as there was other people in the tour but not too much so that you'd feel overwhelmed or alienated. Just enough to make some new friends for life! So if you have a day to spare, definitely take this tour, you won't regret it!




For more information, hop on to And You Creation's website here and their separate dedicated one for their Dolphin's And You tours here!




Angel Cindy


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