Voli Voli Beach Resort Fiji


I stayed at the Volivoli Beach Resort during my recent Fiji holiday and to just say it a highly recommended accomodation for travellers would be an understatement. Why? Because it is more than a place to stay. 


The Volivoli Beach Resort prides itself on welcoming visitors in a way that makes you feel like you're at home. Stepping into the resort, my first impression was sincerity and beauty. There was something about the resort that felt very inviting. The staff were absolutely lovely and I instantly felt connected to them as they made an effort to get to know me, and also remembered my name throughout my stay! 


Owned by the Darling family: Steve, Gail and their sons Stevie and Nick, the resort is their pride and joy. What started as a diving and backpacking business, then damaged by a cyclone in 2016, the Darling family rebuilt it into the beautiful resort it is today. Originally from New Zealand, the family are motivated by their love for Fiji, commitment to preserving its natural beauty, and motivation to help the local people.


During a tour around the resort, Nick talked about the Darling family's involvement in the Mangrove Restoration project, which focuses on helping local villages retain their waterfront and the marine lives. As I listened to Nick speak about their plans to also develop mangrove education boardwalks, it was hard not to feel inspired by the Darling family's strong passion to contribute back to the community.


What made the stay more special was being able to experience firsthand the generosity of the Darling family and observe their interactions. Although the resort is their pride and joy, it became clear to me that their strong family bond is what makes Vilovilo Beach Resort. It is the type of bond that is marked by unconditional love and respect, and I definitely felt it in the atmosphere.


Amongst many other things such as their stunning dining area to the depth of kindness that was shown to me by my diving instructor Paula, this is why it is more than just a place to stay. Like the Darling family's Tagline "in the heart of Fiji", I hope you experience the timeless treasures at Vilovilo Beach Resort as I did x


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