Sumba - Be Grateful With What You Already Have


January 2018:


I embarked on a 30 day trip around the Indonesian archipelago and made a stop in the beautiful Sumba Island in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). I wanted to do something different this time around in Sumba. I didn’t want to simply focus on the amazing beaches they have bordering the island, I wanted to immerse in their culture. So I decided to pay a visit to the traditional villages dotting the island and was lucky enough to meet the tribe leader there and through that, I realized how simply appalling my behaviour was on all the petty first world problems I’ve gotten to familiarise with on a daily basis as well as my negative attitude on life itself. Seeing them happy like this just shifts my paradigm a little on how our material goals will only lead to material happiness and that we should look up to people like them for always being able to see the bright side even in the roughest patches. Happiness comes from the inside. It is a choice and a mind set, not a destination.


Enjoy the video and pictures below x


Swimwear is from Sonoire 




Angel C





Pantai Mandorak Sumba
















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