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As if Bali couldn’t get any better, we received a personal invitation from the marketing manager of Seraya Resort to collaborate on a video project to promote their amazing in-house diving centre, Aquadive, and their other water activities. I was so stoked by excitement, how could I deny a visit to Komodo Island, Indonesia?


As it turns out, the boat transfer location was super close to the airport and the transfer itself only took us 30-45 minutes, I’m surprised! When we finally arrived at the docks, all we could see is the epitome of tranquil, the mountains, the ocean and the resort itself, jam-packed in between it all.


Although my stay consisted mainly of shooting videos, I couldn’t escape the calmness that eroded from the whole resort environment. You could see that everyone there was in their own zone, it wouldn’t be an odd surprise to see a guest or two falling asleep with a book on hand anywhere around the resort.


The sunset was magical. Sound advice would be to climb up towards the hilltop and don’t forget to chuck a bottle of red or tote a cup of tea up there as the sunset is ready to take your breath away. All I can say is that you will be enamoured by a blend of oranges and yellow hues like never before. Words can’t properly justify the Komodo Island sunset.


To add to all of this, I couldn’t ask for better hotel staff. They were really attentive and friendly but at the same time give you enough space to breathe and enjoy your time there. The food was also pretty good, however, they don’t have much variation on their menu so it’s not that optimal if you’re a picky eater. Especially the fact that they have a private island environment and have no other shops or eateries other than their own, so be ready to order some dish repeats.


If for some reason you get bored in the zen zone you’re constantly in, you could always engage in super fun activities like:


  1. Aquradive diving

  2. Snorkelling

  3. Kayaking

  4. Paddle Boarding

  5. Swimming (in the pool or ocean)

  6. Going to the gym


Did I mention that the snorkelling area is only a few steps from your room? YES.


Or if you want to amplify your feeling of self actualization, you could hop onto Komodo Island’s very own spa. I personally did all of the above and recommend you make the most of your time there doing them as well. If you’d like to see more, click my video! Hopefully it can give you a good enough snapshot of how amazing our trip out in Seraya was.


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