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The name of the resort says it all. The moment I landed by a Sea Plane on this secluded private island resort in the middle of Yasawa Island Fiji, I was struck with excitement by the warmth of the ocean water. Greeted by the singing hotel staff, there was a dreamlike reflection of turquoise blue by the sun from the ocean. As I looked around, I thought to myself, I could totally relate to this private island label this resort has- it was quiet, private, peaceful and incredibly beautiful.


Passing the Dive shop, we were taken to the main bar area where we met the manager.

Every single staff greeted us with a very warm smile, like a close-knit family. After all, they were going to be part of my “family” for the next days. During the brief, the manager recommended the Dive shop for a list of daily actives. I was so surprised to discover that they catered to almost everything! For water lovers, there was swimming with Mantra Ray, Octopus feeding, and snorkeling. For culture lovers, the resort provided village tours where you could meet the natives, and for the adventure seekers, you could get your Diving License with PADI.


Once settled, we were escorted to our private rooms and in my case, it was a one bedroom Villa with my very own personal swimming pool! It was perfect. A swimming pool deck with direct access to the beach, a hammock, and a private cabana reserved exclusively for the villa. Just when I thought I had it all, the manager then accompanied me inside the room, past the mini bar, behind the wardrobe area and opened another door that led to the best part of the room, an outdoor shower! Overwhelmed with excitement, I thanked and hugged the manager, but the perks did not stop here. On his way out, the manager revealed another bonus and said the mini bar was also included with unlimited alcohol. Winning!


With my bikini on and camera gear in hand, I headed towards the adult only area that had two different swimming pools, a boat shaped bar and plenty of comfortable chairs to lounge all day without screaming children. After a day’s worth of relaxation and rejuvenation, a friendly yoga instructor greeted me to join her at the gym later on. The place was definitely proving to be paradise and at that point, I could not understand why anyone would want to leave. It literally had everything!


The dining area was set up with endless candles that gave an intimate vibe despite being able to see all the guests. Unlike traditional private island luxury resorts, Paradise Cove attracts a fun mixture of guests from young adult groups to families and also a few honeymooners. The food was fresh and modern. I was very impressed and let me tell you, the plating of the food was definitely Instagram worthy.


On the second night, the locals and staff performed a Fijian dance to traditional Fijian music. Guests were invited to join them in the dance towards the end of the performance before heading to the table for a delicious buffet dinner. Throughout dinner, the staff gathered at the front of the room to sing, clap and share a traditional Fijian drink, Kava. There was so much fun and laughter, a perfect night to close my last night at Paradise Cove.


My memory in Paradise Cove was priceless. It was the first private island resort that combined luxury and fun, but also catered to all types of such as families, privacy fanatics, and thrill seekers. The staff was very warm and friendly which gave a family vibe and authentic feel. I could have easily spent days in there, forgetting about the outside world and not worrying about a thing because once you are there, you are truly in paradise.



How to get to Paradise Cove:

Sea Plane or Helicopter from Nadi Airport or if you want to save money, you can catch a ferry that departs from Port Denaru

The hotel will help you organise transportation - all round top class service!



Get a full meal board plan

Book activities as soon as you arrive because they are quite popular

Bring your active wear to enjoy the gym, yoga classes or even jog along the beautiful crystal-clear water

Join the local performance and experience the cheapest secret to happiness, laughter!


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