The Palihouse Santa Monica















Hotel Name: Palihouse Santa Monica

Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA 

Stars: ★★★

Price we paid: $$$ Approx. A$600




First Impressions:


Arriving at the Palihouse, my first thoughts were simply, wow. Standing out from most hotels, the Palihouse looked as if Paris collided with Santa Monica and made a grand mansion. The place exuded luxury but in a manner that is not in your face or overly flashy. They had the right mix of lux and comfort that made you feel like you’re at home, a very expensive home,  but still home. The receptionists at the front desk were also lovely and we couldn’t wait to check into our room and find out more about this hotel!



The Room: 



Penthouse Suite (we got upgraded for free!)



The room did not fail our expectations at all. It was as grand but even more spacious as we thought it would be! The bathroom was equally as large. The only downside is the bed size as it was a queen bed, so it was smaller than the rest of the hotels we stayed in, but the bedding was beautiful so it made up for it.



The room came with a balcony, a desk, a separate dressing area, a sofa, a lot of chairs, a huge TV and ample wardrobe space. I just cannot stress on how much space you have, it was wonderful! The balcony was gorgeous and there was two double doors to access it, with plenty of natural light lighting the room.



The bathroom has a classic design but is clearly well-maintained as it was very clean. It had a unique design that I have not seen before and it comes with a bath and plenty of mirrors.


Comfort & Privacy

Although the room directly faced the road,  there was no traffic noise. It was very serene.


Complimentary Products/Services

We got complimentary continental breakfast during our stay there. There is also free wi-fi in the hotel as well as. plenty of toiletries provided to compliment your stay. The mini bars feature Dean & Deluca but there was no alcohol in our mini bar.


Room Service

Room service is only available during certain hours but concierge was open 24-hours. The hotel does not serve alcohol.



The view was spectacular and had a picturesque image that overlooks the whole city up to the mountains in the distance. You could also see how many palm trees are around Santa Monica.




  • Gorgeous Lounge & Café

  • On-call spa & massage services

  • Car services

  • Courtyard & Garden access





Full High-speed Wifi connectivity throughout the resort including the rooms. Great phone reception.






Great proximity with everything. Very close to Santa Monica Pier and other famous shopping areas and attractions.




Final thoughts:


The Palihouse Santa Monica is truly a very unique experience and stands out from other hotels in its vicinity. It is a boutique hotel but does not fail in aspects of luxury, privacy and service. Due to its small scale operations, the hotel does not have a pool, but that is easily overlooked by the hotel’s old world charm and immaculately groomed Parisian gardens. The mansion made you feel like you are living in a part of history. The Palihouse Santa Monica is a place you could call a home away from home, or maybe a step up from your regular home! 








Angel Cindy


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