Nakatumble Eco Resort Vanuatu



Staying in many hotels and accomodation options around the world, I can vouch that Nakatumble is a place like no other. It is a whole new world in itself.


Nakatumble prides in its eco-luxury element and creates an entire ecosystem on its own; from planting and farming everything that is cooked, building everything from the ground up, utilising renewable energy to even recycling all that they have used up. It truly is a self-sustaining environment.


They have a massive farm there and almost a hundred cute pigs and ducks to pet around!


Unlike most eco-luxury resorts that often lacks a luxury element, Bill & Romina, the owners of this beautiful home, made sure that no detail is left behind. Each individual bungalow is equipped with a uniquely designed built-in bath, complete with a shower as another option.


There are 4 spacious bungalows in total that is far enough for privacy yet close enough to still live as a family unit. And in the centre of it all, a beautiful pool to cool off during the year long summer. If you thread along the paths, you end with a stunning view of the ocean, where you could either jump right in or have a meal in the cliffside deck above it.


Bill & Romina are the geniuses behind all of this and are the best hosts I have ever met to date. They are the friendliest and most welcoming people around where I can guarantee that all you’re going to get is a good time with them! They built all of Nakatumble from the ground up where Romina plays a huge part in staff training & development as well as whipping up the best meals you will find around Vanuatu.


The pizza that Romina makes is simply divine! Something you cannot miss if you go to Port Vila. They are simply the most thoughtful hosts and will make sure that everything runs as smooth as possible while showing you the local culture and hot spots in the area through the lens of their awesome, massive truck.


All in all, Nakatumble is a versatile accomodation option that welcomes all demographics. It has an insane stereo system and gorgeous pool that would cater to parties while at the same time has a fully equipped kids and baby care area (cots, strollers, babysitters and all the goods) for the families. I would recommend this accomodation option for anyone who wants luxury yet a taste of the local culture at the same time, whether you are a group of young adults or a big family, I believe Nakatumble will fit your bill.





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