Joshua Tree Airstream



Accomodation Name:  Airstream Air BnB @joshuatreeacres

Location:  Joshua Tree, California, United States of America

Price We Paid: Approx. $250 / night (minimum two nights)


First Impressions:


When we arrived, it was super dark and we greeted by the fairy lights surrounded the property. It was very peaceful. The instruction given by the owner through AirBnB was quite clear and we did not have any issue finding our Airstream and getting inside. The door has an entry code and my only recommendation is be conscious of the amount of luggage you will bring with you. It doesn't have much space inside!





1964 Sound of Silence


This Airstream AirBnB was uniquely peaceful.  This accomodation was less about grand luxury, but rather minimalistic living with a chance to spark intimacy with the nature around you.  The vintage Airstream was obviously quite small, the bed is a double bed size, however, a common area accessible to everyone is available for BBQs, contains a kitchen, common bathroom/shower area and a pool tub which is accessible during the summer season - unfortunately, we stayed during winter.  One night was definitely not enough to stay in this location and honestly, we wished we could have stay longer and visited other areas such as the Joshua Tree cactus. 




• 4 types of accomodation styles to choose from

• Free parking premises

• Hot Tub (depending on which style of accomodation you choose)

• Club House where you can listen to sweet records and cook lovely meals

• Campfire Area

• Outdoor shower

• Great social/community aspect 




Surprisingly there is no signal issue and wifi works well through out the property.


Final Thoughts:


This place, to us, wasn't just accomodation, it was serene piece of art that carried with it supremely beautiful moments in all areas.  The minimalistic throwback style definitely stood out among other places that we have stayed and created a different aspect of our holiday.  I very much recommend this Airstream AirBnB to anyone passing by the area.  Truly a gorgeous experience that you will not regret. During night time you definitely do not want to miss the beautiful skies full of stars. 





Angel Cindy








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