About Me 

‘We are only given one life, and we owe ourselves true happiness by endeavors that make us joyous, for no one but ourselves’



I’m Cindy (Angel) and I’m a professional photographer, content producer, travel & lifestyle enthusiast who loves to chase islands all around the world.


In 2017, I left my 9-5 job to redefine my definition of what true happiness is, endlessly exploring the world and the ocean on all the gems it has to offer and to show you a side of them that you’ve probably never seen before, rather than what they are but what they could be.

I am passionate about the ocean,sun and sand and believe that the best place to experience all of that is in the undiscovered (but no less beautiful!) islands dotting the world map.


I love painting concepts in my minds and turning them into reality through the power of my gadgets.  Although I might be a bit of a geek with all my electronic gadgets and trinkets, I also enjoy looking fashionable at all times while at the same time, keeping up with my strict fitness regime through HIIT training in order so that I would be able to continuously discover new places.


I’m hoping that the snapshots of my travels would be able to motivate you to embark in more journeys like mine and be mesmerised by the enchanting views of the underwater world.

X. Angel Cindy


Creative Portfolio www.angelcindy.com.au


Angel Cindy

Photographer, Videographer,Content Producer and Island Chaser

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